The Marketing Projects team values the importance of your work and does what is needed to reach your marketing and sales objectives. We take it upon ourselves to act as part of your staff while accomplishing the task at hand. The team at MPI always gets the job done on time, on target and on budget with this simple, yet sure-fire formula:

  • We listen to your needs.
  • We put everything in writing.
  • We work side by side with your staff.
  • We honor your goals and deadlines and take them on as our own.

We have the team, the talent and the determination to succeed on your behalf. We know the market and keep ourselves up to date on what’s happening across town and across the country.

Our Services Include:

  • Content Development for Print, Web and Digital Marketing formats
  • Custom Publishing
  • Webinars
  • Advisory Board Creation
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research
  • School-Outreach Programs
  • Media Sponsorship Opportunities

Curation, Custom Publishing and Content Marketing

Big Deal Media was a natural outgrowth of MPI as educational publishers and marketers moved to a wide range of digital formats. It publishes a biweekly newsletter of curated resources for K-12 technology educators. In addition, the Teaching4Tomorrow blog, published on the second and fourth Friday of each month, provides educators with actionable ideas and strategies. Marketing Projects’ expertise extends to website content creation and development. It maintains an experienced team of educational writer/researchers, taggers, fact checkers, and editors to develop content from concept, through the editorial process to data entry and maintenance of the finished site. For instance, MPI maintains the content and functionality of an award-winning educational funding website that houses thousands of well-vetted grants and awards for educators, educational organizations, and institutions prekindergarten through higher education.